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 Marilyn Moss

Prenatal, breech, post partum, infant, and family care: 

Specializing in non-force, myofascial and cranial techniques

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Quick, easy ways to keep your family healthy!

Posted on October 25, 2018 at 9:14 PM
Boosting your family’s immune system during the fall season is a great way to prevent colds and flu, educate your kids about taking care of themselves, and help everyone feel healthy and vital!

Here are a few of my favorite things to have on hand:

Vit C
boosts your white blood cell counts, helping them to fight off any exposure to viruses or bacteria. 
for adults, start with 1000mg/day, this can be increased over time
for babies, 1000 mg/day taken by mama will transfer into the breastmilk
for 2 to 8 year olds, 1/4 the adult dosage
for 8-12 year olds, 1/2 the adult dosage
for 12 year olds and up, a full dose is fine

increases T cell production
Anti-microbial, fights virus, bacteria, fungus
best used at the beginning of symptoms, (ie during a fever or early symptoms)
Adults, 1/2 to 1 full dropper 3-5x/ day

Black elderberry syrup 
Contains high levels of Vit C
Increases cytokine production
Supreses viruses
Helps with antioxidant delivery
as needed

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Dilute 1/8 tsp in warm water, use as a nasal rinse 
Clears virus, bacteria from nasal passages

Also for your NETI pot:
Here’s a great, effective blend:
1/2 tsp baking soda
Pinch of salt
1 drop (ONLY!) rosemary essential oil
Fill with warm water

This rinse is extremely effective for clearing out nasal congestion.
Use it at the start of symptoms to clear out colds very quickly!

For preventing colds, flus and bronchitis:

One of the very best ways of preventing these conditions is to keep a clear digestive tract!
The lining of your esophagus, stomach, intestines and colon is continuous. Doesn’t it make sense that the overall health of this continuous tissue is important? This is actually one of the first lines of defense in our immune system. Microvilli on this lining protect us by fighting off viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. The healthier this lining is, the fewer colds and flus your family will have.  

Best ways to keep your digestive tract clear:

Serve plenty of vegetables! Our bodies need fiber to create motility in the digestive tract.  
Beets in particular. I call them the “roto rooter” of vegetables. Beets increase bile flow, which will stimulate motion in our colon. They are great for issues of irregularity.  

Drink water. Regularly throughout the day.

Minimize sugar, processed foods, cheeses, fast food. These all slow down the pipes.

Keep warm, get enough rest, spend time doing things that you enjoy, Quality of life and peace of mind carry a lot of weight when it comes to keeping you healthy!

Other Suggestions:

Serve your family warm, delicious foods at the start of fall and winter. Chicken soup, beef stew, roasted veggies, are all nutrient dense and warming for the body. Cold exposure is one of the reasons immune systems are more susceptible to viruses. Warming foods give your family, and especially your little ones, extra protection. And they feel yummy!!

Purchase a diffuser: I bought this one, and love it! You can time it, and it also shuts off automatically when empty.

Diffuse essential oils that boost immunity. This is a very easy, inexpensive way to freshen your home, make your children’s rooms cozy, and make bedtime more inviting! 

Here are some suggestions/links for oils:

On Guard, by Do Terra

Breathe, by Do Terra

(Please note: Most essential oils are toxic for kitties.

The fall season is notoriously rife with colds and flus with my patients. With kids returning to school and daycares, there is a higher possibility of exposure for many households. And with the weather changing to that fall chill in the air, it takes forethought to keep everyone warm and cozy. I hope these simple, easy suggestions will help your family maintain the best of health through this change of season!  

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